Wednesday, March 01, 2006


snow. enough said.

I woke up at 9 this morning planning on going to the MIS seminar, but to my surprise discovered snow. Luke and myself obviously decided that snow was far more important and so had a snow ball fight with nathan and will. We quickly created two giant snowballs which you can see in the pictures. The 1st attempt failed when it slipped down the very steep bank at the side of the uni and speed towards the road and traffic. We watched shitting ourselves for fear of causing a car crash but luckily snowball disintegrated before it hit the tarmac.

Later we went sledging down the side of the university which is incredibly steep. A tea-tray was my weapon of choice, and a good stead she was too. Ben had his super sledge and on a make shift ramp he launched himself into the air and crashed to the ground and didn't move. again we shat ourselves, but he was ok.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Tom, Luke, Stich and myself spent yesterday scouting our filming location in Tom's hometown near Stroud. Its is a great location as you can see from the pictures, and we hope to be shooting there soon.

It was infact the windiest day ever outside and deep in the Cotswold valleys it was worse. Luckily I remembered my scarf and hat thus forming a protective cocoon around my face whilst waiting at the train station (picture available upon request). The boys were very jealous of this especially Luke who basically spent evening trying to defrost his head.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


After several months in the flat we decided on a boring Sunday to do something to "jazz it up", so we tripped up to anti-spa, where Laura purchased another quid's worth of millions. The Anti-spa had yet again let us down, with no materials usable in what was dubbed "the jazzening". Back at the flat and bored everyone else went off into their rooms, to watch TV or be boring, and in some cases stick their thumbs up their butt.

Armed with a bit of electrical tape i tried to think of something simple and not too over-the-top to do with the cupboards and here are the results:

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Reunion Tour: Part II

Metpo as promised did come down for a few days, and I think its fair to say he has never had such a good time in wales. Here is a pic of luke met and laura all having a relax whilst watching neighbours.

Cardiff was a great night out, and the drinks were too cheap. I now have a beaten lip from some 'rage against the machine' moshing. Catching the first train home in the morning was killer at 5.00am, as we were all hanging by that time.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Reunion Tour

Hello all, 1st post for along time. I have included a picture of 'The Reunion Tour Part 1. - Jimmy' It was great for Jim to come down for a couple of days, unfortunately I missed Cardiff's antics due to feeling like crap. We did though all enjoy a good all you can eat meal at Newport's one and only 'senor coconuts'. A great meal it was too. It will be great to have Jim back next year. I hope very much that Jim does return to Newport, I believe he missed the stench very much.

Keep checking back for 'reunion tour part 3. - metal' pics as the metcalf is going to be making a appearance this week!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Its been a while...

It's been a relatively boring few weeks. Firstly non-stop work with hand-ins for MIS essay, FV3 critical Evaluation, and Screenwriting script and support material all on consecutive dates. Now we have time on our hands the days seems to fly by faster, with nothing actually happening.

Here is a picture taken by Nathan of Newport at its snowy best.

Friday, December 30, 2005


First of all I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a equally great new year.

After a very long msn sound session Nathan and myself have decided to look into setting up a radio station, or start podcasting.

We felt that we had material and potential to pull-off a regular slot. Let me know if you have any ideas for material, content of any form, or if you would like to be involved. Roulstone and Lloyd were very quiet during the show and left Nathan and I 'holding the baby' - the bastards.

Nathan instantly fell into the roll, and delivered great music and sound effects to a cliché radio standard that had us all laughing.

keep tuned listeners for more from Radio Newport.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Foo Fighters

What a night. Unfortunately due to traffic we missed QOTSA's josh Homme's side project; 'Eagles of Death metal' which sucks ASS. The futureheads though seemed to be a victim of poor sound checking as all that could be heard was the two guitars pelting out, the lyrics, bass and drums were not desernable and so they failed to get the crowd moving, even though 'Hounds of love' was still awesome. This got me worried. Would the foo's sound just as bad?..........

Turns out they didn't. The foos were on top form for their London Earles Court show which, thanks to my father, we were able to attend.

They kicked off with In Your Honour - the title track to their latest album which got the crowd moving straight away, a mosh pit was formed within seconds.

In dave ghrol's own words they played hit after hit after hit after hit for their 1hr 45 min set, with every song played to perfection.

Highlights of the show include grohl disappearing from stage only to pop up in the middle of the crowd to engage in a guitar-off with chris shiflet, and then fight his way back through the crowd getting nipple pinched (which he said he likes) and his ass slapped (which he likes even more).

Some song highlights (not set list) include (as ever) 'Everlong' - played by just ghrol himself for the most part. 'The One' - a fookin' kick ass song that does not appear on any foo album was great to hear, at that point I was officially chuffed. 'Monkey Wrench' was played so well and differently it seemed to make the crowd go week at the knees. 'all my life' closed the show, with the crowd shouting every single word back to ghrol louder than he could sing through his P.A.

All round the night was utterly fantastic, with the foo's surpassing my great expectations. ghrol has the crowd at his fingertips, joking often and giving back to the audience the respect that they show him, when he mentioned watching coldplay a few nights ago the crowd booed, something that put a huge smile on my face (Radiohead are without a doubt the most talented British band of the last 25 years, and are the band that coldpay wish they were)
When a crowd member got hurt he took the song down a notch to make sure they got help safely then kicked back in as soon as they we carried to the front.

Finally the best part of the night was the 'switcherOOo' which saw drum king Taylor play guitar and sing 'Cold Day in the sun' which made ghrol move behind the drums, and how awesome he was, adding elaborate fills when necessary, he really is at home behind the kit. (check queens of the stone age's 'Song's for the death' album for proof, as well as Tenacious D - electric guitars and drums, and he has session drummed with Nine Inch Nails, Killing Joke, Tommy Iommi etc... and lets not forget a little known band called nirvana, who are only responsible for shapeing modern rock music)
ghrol is without a doubt the most talented man in rock (don't forget 'foo fighters' was recorded entirely by ghrol, writing, singing, drumming, playing lead, rhythm and bass guitars!)

to sum up:
long live the foo's.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Hello all. Luke R and myself just watched KING KONG (for only £2.50 I'll add- take that Vue you bastards)

To sum up the film- it was awesome. A strong cast holds up the human side of the picture very well, but all are blown away by KONG and Co. The action sequences are truly mesmerising, no director can compete with Jackson in these stakes. I felt it was perhaps a little over sentimental at times, but as Luke R said to me after, it needed to be to establish the delicate relationships within the film.

I recommend everyone go and see this film as soon as you have finished reading this if you haven't already. Please feel free to leave your own comments about the film. At just over 3 hours you will want to take along a pillow (we did!)

Finally thank you peter Jackson for perhaps the most entertaining movie of the year.

People who talk during films should be barred from seeing them. I felt removed from my feeling of illusion and empathy, and it wasn't even a 'brechtian' film. People- if you don't have the ability shut up for a few hours then don't go, It was like open-mike night in City Cinema, everyone seemed to feel obliged to make comments, especially during the quiet moments. Next time go into the lobby to have a chat you inconsiderate wankers.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

uni politics

check the image above, its a sticker from uni. I think that they had been handed out by the 'Socialist Worker' magazine people that come in every now and then asking for donations of money. I stumbled upon them a few days ago and they gave me a chuckle. Lenin would be happy. (IDIOT- McCarthy should have been looking in south east Wales!)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

news and SpAr

just a quick update, I have posted quite a few more photos onto bebo, and Lloyd has returned and uploaded lots more as well, a link to his page is HERE and on the right hand column, there you will be able to see pics like our "brother from another mother" image above (excuse my dishevelled appearance, it was a late night)

You will also be able to see some more of his crazy light pics like the one below and the one now used as a header for this page (which has been created thanks to a sneakly little image hosting trick I was taught by luke, too much time in photoshop, (especially with the smaller bottom leg image which was a ba*tard to get right- its two imges!)and the pic from lloydage)

Also we just made a quick journey to spar as Lloyd and Nathan needed milk. I got ID'd !!!!!!!! unreal eh!, what strange mix of alcohol was he buying? I hear you say - two bottles of bitter lemon. wheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. GO SPAR

Sunday, November 27, 2005

light jazz

Here is a picture of some interesting light expsoure stuff that we were messing about with on lloyds new camera, alot higher quality than the green light pics we did last year.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Here is a pic from Saturdays 70's-80's party. I wore my Fett T-shirt to keep with the decade. I look foward to the next G6 party, pirate or cowboys i rekon!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bread edit

the bread edit has kind of been up in the air recently with filming for the counter-style project. I have begun adding sound effects and can reveal that for 1 clip I used a 'alien squeal' noise over-laid with Darth Vader breathing in, played backwards and at half speed.

...and thats a wrap

wheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. filming was completed yesterday at around lunch time, with several shots of "Jeff" walking down a road, we almost got run over by a tractor but its all good. Thanks to the class A1 idiots that run this course they will not be sending our footage off to be processed until the 21st, and will take around 4 days to come back making editing time very slender. Cheers then.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Just a little more behind the scenes action. Here is me looking at the bowlex with stitch explaining how it all goes together, something I will learn next semester. This was taken on wednesdays shoot in the studio, location bowlex action on thursday!- scary stuff!, 7 mins of film has cost us £120 so one take only!


Filming began today on 'Same Ol' Road', our FV3 counter-style film. Here is a still by production photographer Lloyd Williams. More shooting today and tomorrow so stay tuned for more info and pics from production to post.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Fancy Dress

Hi. I think everyone should check out lukes D's new blog; fancy dress (also linked in side bar) it includes a 'milly' character based upon laura millward.

Friday, November 04, 2005

space helmet

ok here is the space helmet, its not quite finished. Luke is modeling the helmet, although I think we can all agree that it'll be a cold day in hell before a ginger is allowed in space.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Here are this years pumpkins people! The cat and the face are carved by me sis' and I did the happy bat.


meet Isabel who is a 12 week old german shepard. She is very playful and loves to eat shoes at the moment. Judging by the size of her parents she is going to be absolutely massive when fully grown-up so burgerlers be warned, and she already barks at intruders.

Friday, October 28, 2005


blogger is being a real butt-hole at the moment and will not let me upload any images, ''error during upload'' appears in the window of the uploader. If anyone has any ideas as to why please let me know.


hey kids. Luke D has just designed the front page image for oxygenfarm productions continuing with our science theme. Got to say Luke has out done himself this time, great design which captures the 70's textbook theme for the site perfectly.

new hair cut

Hi, quick post. Whilst editing 'bread' we made a startling discovery, Luke R's new haircut makes him look surprisingly like a certain Oscar wining actress:

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Here are several screen shots for the film 'Bread' (Working Title) A two-hander starring myself and luke R. We are currently in post production hell trying to find sound effects and sort out the split screen edit.

1st Post

Hey, this is the 1st post of the dan jobbins blog page. welcome all!